About us

About us
Who or what is actually PARIJA?

The company was founded 1992nd
At that time still employed under a different name and with the production of upholstered furniture.

The generation change in leadership came of boat building, which was already operated for several years as a private hobby in today's holders, added as a further business purpose.

In 2005, the first type of boat in small series was offered for sale. Sales exceeded expectations, so that now intensely focused on the development of other canoes.

With the change of the former chairman deserved retirement the production of upholstered furniture was completely stopped and now the focus was entirely on the marine and trade in accessories.

The end of 2007 the company moved to Forst.
And consequently, are now carried the name change in PARIJA.
This name is the acronym of Paul Richard Jahn and originally served as the labeling of its own brand in boat building.

Opened in early 2008, the new store in the Sorauer Straße 63 in forestry.
Since May 2008 PARIJA offers guided canoe trips on the Neisse. The offer was extended to day trips on the Spree, and a variety of multi-day trips on the regional waters of 2009.

Today our company manufactures kayaks and Canadians in small series, is by boats and accessories, performs repairs on boats and plastic parts and offers numerous canoe tourist activities in the area.