Vouchers / coupons in our Online - Shop

In our online shop you can redeem vouchers and coupons that you receive promotions or other means in a simple manner:

Coupons exist in three versions:

Standard coupon
Free Shipping Coupon
New customers / Welcome Coupon

The standard coupon is the most widespread of coupon in online trading. Here, the customer enters a code that causes a discount in the standard or percentage terms in the cart. Percentage coupons can either be applied to the entire cart or only to those products that have been enabled for this coupon.
The standard coupon is issued in different versions, such as:

the value of the coupon fixed price or a percentage
an optional minimum order, so that the coupon is valid
Max. Using number of coupons per customer
Max. Using number of coupons all customers together
optional restriction on individual articles
optional restriction to a customer group
optional restriction to certain products categories
temporal validity from - to
optional restriction to individual customers (thus personalized coupons / vouchers are possible)


What does your coupon / voucher, can be seen in the respective description of the individual coupons and the respective promotion.

The free shipping coupon is very similar to the standard coupon, with the difference that you get here is not given a discount, but received a no shipping costs of the goods. The settings of a free shipping coupons are similar to those of standard coupons with the difference that can be adjusted if the coupon also possibly additional fees such as COD charge is also intended to cover. Further restrictions on certain supplier countries may be adjusted based on this shipping free coupon to apply.

The new customer / welcome coupon is automatically assigned to a new customer. He also has various settings, such as a minimum order or a restriction on individual product categories.

In addition to these coupons you can leave here and existing bank credit for the online shop, which are not bound by a code, but are treated as customer deposits. A credit can occur for example by payment or return of supplies. Will not you leave the assets paid, you can make it here in the online - shop use. In this case, you will receive an email and can charge the balance with the next order in the order process.